4 situations when you need professional locksmith services

In the hectic lives we go through, we may find ourselves in some situations when we need a locksmith. Instead of trying to solve the problem on our own, calling a professional is a better option, because it will get things done rapidly and efficiently. Besides getting yourself locked out of the house or breaking […]

Why Sales Reps Hate CRM Software

CRM software can be an invaluable tool when it is used properly. All too often, though, it is not used properly, or even at all. Like so many other things in the workplace, CRM software needs to be adopted to work well, and if your staff aren’t on side, then you are just wasting money […]

Jacques Vallée and cosmic control

Jacques Vallée (n., 1939) is currently one of the most distinguished personalities of ufology. Astrophysicist by training, french naturalized american doctor in computer science, he was employe of NASA for mapping Mars planet and is one of the creators of ARPANET network , the ancestor of the Internet. Published since the sixties fundamental books about […]

Cooking has never been more fun

When most parents think about online video games they tend to have a bad opinion about it. But, recently studies have found out that children today are capable to learn much more easier using technology, rather than traditional ways of studying. Such is the case with little girls that are showing much more interest in […]

Babylonian King’s Law – Code of Hammurabi

Hammurabi was the eldest son of Sin-Muballit and on the eighteenth century AD. became the VI king of Babylon in the moment that his father abdicated. Even if didn’t inherited a lot of power, controlling just a small part of Babylon, later would’ve become the first king of the Babylonian Empire. It was a great […]