Babylonian King’s Law – Code of Hammurabi

Hammurabi was the eldest son of Sin-Muballit and on the eighteenth century AD. became the VI king of Babylon in the moment that his father abdicated. Even if didn’t inherited a lot of power, controlling just a small part of Babylon, later would’ve become the first king of the Babylonian Empire. It was a great […]

Unexplained disappearances occurred over time in Romania

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, argue that an object that we see in front can exist simultaneously in another universe, so, the time travel can become reality. It all started from an experiment made with thin metal wire, thick as a hair . The metal was placed under a dome where vibrations […]

Dioxin – poison in the air, water and food

Dioxin – the most powerful poison Chemically, dioxins are a group of organic substances, based on 4 carbon atoms, 4 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms: C4H4O2. This molecule binds to different atoms, depending on the conditions, presence and availability to given circumstances of other atoms. Dioxins are formed by burning chlorine-based chemical compounds with […]

How is risk management connected to financial trading ?

Financial risks existed since the beginning of trade relations. In time, however, the extent to which they were identified, measured and controlled varied greatly. Financial losses incurred by internationally renowned companies, due to faulty risk management activities and especially powerful media coverage of the incident, led managers to the awareness regarding the crucial importance of […]

When will the Universe end?

Will our Universe have an end? This may seem like a bizarre question, but the scientists took it seriously and they have tried to answer, given what we know about the Universe and its evolution. The big unknown is the so-called dark energy, which could lead to an end of the universe, but not for […]