3 emblematic places to visit in London

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3 emblematic places to visit in London

There is no way we can mention all the places in London that should be in your bucket list. Sure, everybody talks about Big Ben, The Westminster Palace, The London Eye and so on. But still, there are some places that you absolutely must see in your lifetime. I want to recommend you 3 emblematic places that you really have to visit when you arrive in UK’s capital.

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Trafalgar Square

You can take a nice walk from The Westminster Palace to Trafalgar Square, it’s not so far. It’s the most important square in London and one of the most known tourist attractions in UK’s Capital. It’s a very animated and transited place and its name has its origin in Cape Trafalgar, Spain, commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar. Many important events are celebrated there, like royal weddings, elections or victories related to sports.

On Christmas day, a big and beautifully decorated Christmas tree is brought to Trafalgar Square. In the center of the square you can find Nelson’s Column, which is 45 meters tall. You’ll also see a wonderful fountain that is guarded by 4 statue lions and several statues representing important british military men. Nearby lies the National Gallery, the Admiralty Arch and St Martin-in-the-Fields, an anglican church.

St. James’s Park

St James’s Park is located right next to Horse Guards Parade, a large parade ground that used to be a tournament arena in the past. Elegance is its trademark, making it probably one the most beautiful city parks in the world. There is a lot of green space and an abundancy of flowers that offer a breathtaking visual and cromatic show. When it doesn’t rain, St James’s Park is ideal for picnics. Despite the usual rainy weather in London, the english people are not bothered by the rain at all and they always do their jogging sessions there or take their dogs out for a walk. There are over 40 species of water birds living around the park’s lake, like the pelican or the black swan. It’s a great place to relax and dive into a meditative state of mind.

Buckingham Palace

London is like an open book of history. It’s a must that you visit Buckingham Palace, home of Queen Elisabeth the second, Prince Charles, Duke of Edinburgh and headquarters of the House of Windsor. The palace is located at the end of the The Mall. To get there you can take the subway to one of the following stations: Victoria, St James’s Park or Green Park. Near Buckingham Palace you will have the chance to admire the Victoria Memorial, a sculpture dedicated to Queen Victoria. In the Forecourt of Buckingham Palace you can witness the Changing of the Guard, a very spectacular ceremony.

The palace is sumptuous, with a number of 600 rooms and an art collection that sums up 9000 paintings. For 5£, you have the possibility to visit the royal stables, the Crown’s horses and Gold State Coach, an astonishing golden carriage that is used by the royal family since 1760!

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