A sound and varied bilingual education

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The Bilingual International School of Paris

The Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP) is dedicated to providing young learners with the best of both the English and French education systems. Situated in the heart of Paris, it’s perfectly placed to tap into the city’s rich and diverse cultural atmosphere. The school is private, independent and non-denominational and caters for children from the ages of 2 ½ through to 11.

Bilingual teaching by native speakers

BISP offers a dual language immersion program to pre-school and elementary learners. Instruction time is equally shared between languages and all teaching is by native speakers, with dedicated classrooms for each language. Teaching at BISP is high quality, academically rigorous and in line with the French and English national curriculum frameworks.

A supportive and nurturing environment

It’s important for children to feel settled, safe and comfortable in their learning environment in order to develop self-confidence and interpersonal skills. BISP staff work with students to help them grow. Students at BISP are treated as individuals. Small class sizes allow for differentiated learning adapted to each child’s needs and interests.

An enriched curriculum

In addition to the school’s bilingual curriculum, BISP offers a range of creative and artistic activities to complement academic learning. The school’s enriched program of study helps students to fulfil their potential and explore their talents. The school is equipped with the latest and best digital technology to create a multimedia learning environment.

The Bilingual International School of Paris is a modern, progressive school founded on traditional values, with a comprehensive bilingual curriculum and an unswerving commitment to high academic standards. Your child is not just a name on a register, but a part of the school’s family. As a parent, you’re part of that family too, always kept informed about your child’s progress and involved in whatever they are doing.

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