Acquiring Used Printing Presses

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Acquiring Used Printing PressesThe fact that there is a great variety of used printing presses from which someone that wants to get into the printing business can choose is certainly good news. While new printing machines may have the benefit of a warranty, the consistent prices that such machines have can make anyone deter from purchasing them.

Most used printing presses can have prices that are only half of what we would pay for something new. The only problem is in knowing what to buy and where to buy it from. There are certainly more things that we need to consider, before making a purchase, and not all of them have to do with the quality of the equipment in as much as they have to do with its intended purpose.

Since choosing the right machine has to do with what we want to use it for, the first things that we need to decide are the quality of the print, and the speed of the print. It’s a well-known fact that offset printing equipment has a higher print quality due to the way in which it works.

Furthermore, if we are interested in printing a large number of copies, then machines that use the offset printing technique are also the best choice. Although this might put offset machines over the edge, the fact is that digital printing machines are best suited for smaller jobs at which offset machines don’t excel. Digital printing presses require almost no time to set up, and that is why they’re best suited for printing limited number of copies.

Due to the technicalities of the offset printing, when it comes to printing a small number of copies the price of the whole process rises. Offset machines use plates in order to run. The desired image or text is first burned onto a plate from which it’s transferred or offset, thus the name, to a rubber sheet.

Only after it’s transferred on the rubber sheet is it possible to finally put the design image onto paper. These processes can take quite a bit of time, and since this technique involves the use of chemicals, the number of the copies which are made determine the price of the copy. In the end, the higher the number of copies is, the lower the printing price becomes.

On the other hand, digital printing machines don’t require as much set-up time, and neither do they involve the use of chemicals, and that is why the price per copy stays pretty much the same no matter how many copies we would like to make. This is the reason for which it’s better to use digital printing equipment if we want to deliver results quickly.

We can easily browse through the big number of used printing presses that are available for sale by dedicated and reputable websites, such as . We can find machines from all around the world, of all types and shapes, and at various prices. It’s a good place to start in our plan to acquire a new machine for our company.

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