Bobst and the story of a successful company

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Bobst and the story of a successful company
There are many companies with success stories and Bobst Group is one of them. Bobst machines are used for a long time. Joseph Bobst founded the company in the year of `1890, when he opens a printing supplies shop in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Eight years later had opened a workshop for customer service, and in 1915 is produced the first equipment. This is just the beginning of what means today Bobs Group. In 1917, bobst is registered as a trademark and in 1936; the company has opened the first outlet abroad, in Paris.

They begin to extend to other countries all over the world and in 1990 they celebrate the centenary, with to motto “Knowledge and People”. Now, the company produces bobst machines and has production facilities on three continents.

The success of this company is huge, so it was valued at $800 billion in 2012, and they estimate it will exceed $ 1 trillion by year 2018 in the global packaging industry. Which products and services Bobst offers successfully? It offers flexible materials packaging to replace metal, glass, and plastic bottles that affect the environment.

In addition, it offers liquid packaging and processes different kinds of materials, such as heavy solid board, paper, carton board, or corrugated board. The bobst machines are appreciated for its quality in print finishing industry. Therefore, it offers an impressive number of print finishing applications that can be used in different industries, such as food, healthcare, wine and spirits, detergent and electronics and home appliance.

Bobst machines are one of the most solicited; they are known in the printing domain, but also in the laminating and coating systems. They offer the lamination of the printed materials, vacuum coating and the extrusion coating and laminating.

Also, they are concerned about the maintenance of their products and the happiest are the customers, who return every time to buy their products and services with confidence. Bobst is listed successfully in many areas and never ceases to impress through reliability and professionalism. The story of this company can be considered a success, worthy of following. If you want to buy different printing machines, you can head to the products this company offers.

You will be surprised to discover quality and reliable products that help you achieve the desired performance. On the market, you will find many second hand machines that are still in a very good condition and can work properly.

The story of Bobst company means a story of over a century of successful business. If you want to find more about bobst machines, we can visit the website and you will not regret it. Here you can learn more about good quality products and about printing devices and printing business.

If you decide to start a printing business, all this information can be helpful for you. Every business needs a start and every start needs some researching, so any new information it can help you improve your perspective.

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