Ho to grow a strong career in real state

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Ho-to-grow-a-strong-career-in-real-stateIt is well known that real estate is a business sector that’s here to stay. I mean, in every place of this world, at some time, somebody is looking for real estate properties for sale.

So this would be a great career path to work at if you’re interested and passionate about it. Here are some advices on how to suceed as a real estate agent:

Customize your presentations for each type of customer

When you work at a presentation, keep in mind that it might not work with every type of customer. The analytical and pragmatic type will appreciate a more detailed report. The ones that are more emotional-oriented and make decisions mostly on their instinct will be touched by a presentation that highlights the benefits of your service that will improve their life.

Try a different approach with each type of customer to create the feeling that each one of them is the most important customer of all. Bottom line, listen to your customers’ needs and show them what benefits them if they work with you.

Don’t limit yourself to office work

Sitting at your desk in the office, talking on the phone and using the computer is not all that it takes in real estate. Keep your eyes and ears open everywhere you go, because you never know when you’ll find a new customer.

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You may be in a restaurant or in a supermarket and get a business meeting by just starting a conversation and recommending yourself. Always keep enough business cards in your pocket. Trust me, you will need them. For example, imagine this scenario: You’re at the supermarket, waiting in line to pay for your goods and in front of you, two people are talking.

One of them is complaining that it’s so hard for him to find an apartment. Bingo! This is your moment! Apologize politely for interrupting and hand him a business card while you tell him you have a solution that may fit his needs and preferences. This is how business is done!

Get back to the basics and find a mentor

This is very important for your professional development. Try to find experienced real estate agents and watch them working, study their techniques and ask them questions. If they are older, they’re better. They have years and years of experience and if they’re still in the business that means they’ve passed the ultimate test and they’re good. You’ve got a lot to learn from a mentor, especially when it comes to the foundations.


Share information with your co-workers. Don’t try to win them all and don’t try to steal customers. Do not worry about others getting all the credit, because if you’re good, customers will come to you naturally. Build yourself an organic clientele, not an artificial one. That means you should focus on long-term relationships with your customers that will help you grow a network of clients and contacts via references. Grow your name, don’t steal it!

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