Nashville’s Music Row Unites for The Betty Swain Project

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NASHVILLE, Tennessee (PRWEB) April 03, 2013

In 2011, a simple 85 year-old widow, Betty Swain, rummaged through her cedar chest and found a folder of lyrics she had written more than five decades before. Throughout her life, she performed cover songs for fun whenever the opportunity would arise, but she had always wanted to find someone to write the music to her own lyrics. In 2011, shortly before she passed away, her dream came true. And in 2013, the rest of the world will finally have the chance to hear Bettys songs.

After discovering the lyrics, Betty sent the folder to her niece, and it eventually found its way to singer-songwriter Jim Paul in Raleigh, North Carolina. He wrote the music to the lost lyrics and formed a band called The Betty Swain Project. They recorded demos for Betty and performed a small concert for her with family and friends in attendance. After a lifetime of yearning, Betty sat in awe, elated by the opportunity to finally hear her songs performed. Just a few weeks later, Betty Swain passed away.

Inspired by the lyrics and the remarkable woman who penned them, The Betty Swain Project teamed up with Raleigh-based music company Center Sound Records. With band member and producer Timothy Daher, Emmy

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