Scandal’s Jeff Perry Gives Insight to Who is the Mole, Compares Shonda Rhimes to Shakespeare and dispells Filming Rumors in an Interview on AfterBuzz TV

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 09, 2013

(– Scandal’s Jeff Perry made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV’s Scandal aftershow Thursday night. In his appearance, Perry compares Shonda Rhimes to Shakespeare, give insight into the rest of the season, dispels rumors about filming and discusses his relationship with the cast.

Jeff Perry ON HIS FAVORITE Cyrus Moment

Perry says, To pick one is impossible, so Ill pick another one. Fitz has left and Mellie is talking to James and Im very nervous about Mellie alone in the White House with the cat gone. And I said ‘Mellie, all roads lead to Fitz. You do not talk to FitzI mean you do not talk to journalists when Fitz is gone.’ And Im lecturing her and she says I dont know what youre saying. And I say well no, you do know what Im saying because youre a terrifying political animal who would chew her own foot off it meant she would get ahead. A trait I respect. And I go on. And before Defiance has come outbefore Liv feels that Fitz has guessed about it months and months before it in story time, you know she says and another thing that Hollis is a despicable human being and Im not gonna deal with him and if Defiance ever comes up. And I kinda lay her out. Shonda gives me lines that just lay Mellie out. ‘You may be a terrifying political animal, but I am a monster.’ I love that one.

Jeff Perry ON how little notice the Scandal cast getS regarding storylines

Perry says, We call these writers professional surprisers. Because they will take you with confidence down one path, and then theyll be pulling something else, you know. So people have been wondering is Cyrus the moleis Mellie the mole. And honestly, we dont know. Because sometimes you guys, were merely 3-5 days ahead of the world with story. For instance, I found out my character was gay about 3 days before I shot it. And so yea, we dont know. Shonda knows probably, but shes not telling.

Jeff Perry ON rumors that the Scandal cast is currently taping the season finale.

[The rumors are] not true. Were shooting episode 20 out of 22 right now, says Perry.

Jeff Perry ON CYRUS BEING misunderstood

Perry says, I dont think Cyrus spends too much time worrying about what people think or if hes misunderstood. But I definitely think he is a soldier for a cause.

Jeff Perry ON PLAYING a gay man AND raising an African American child

Perry says, [The character] is great, its a blessing. I mean, Shonda writes such truthful dichotomy and complication in these people. A fair amount of popular TV writing kind of goes for the easy, one-dimensional, here this is this person in this box. And this is the person in this box so you can all feel comfortable about what theyre gonna do every time, thats who they are. Shonda keeps letting these people breathe and to have complication, and to have contradiction. For actors, man its great.

Jeff Perry ON Fitzs encounter with Olivia in hospital.

Perry says, I thought he was not being romantic sexual. I thought he was being this scared me. Im scared that youre hurt.


Perry says, I love it…I never thought I would feel again in my life, the level of trust, respect, challenge, gorgeous sort of artistic soil and camaraderie that I felt in my youth with John Malkovich, Gary Sinise, Laurie Metcalf, John Mahoney, Tom Irwin, Joan Allen, etc. All the people who helped start our theater, which went from 9 people back in 1976 to 42 members now. Ive just always loved that about our art. So, Im loving [Scandal].


Perry says, I never expected the breadth and one of the greatest writers of our generation, coming into a new chapter for her, Shonda Rhimes. We knew what she could do with Greys Anatomy. It was, it is, damn impressive. But then to take on a whole new genre of political thriller and cliffhanger, 10 years after Greys Anatomy started and then to have all of the rhetorical skill, gorgeous, practically biblical, Greek, Shakespearean kind of skill in the writing? It reminds me of what Mark Twain or Charles Dickens were capable of, and Shakespeare, because they were populists. And they could make you want to sit on the edge of your seat. Shonda is doing that on network TV. What shes doing on network TV I think is remarkable.


Perry says, I can tell you that theres some amazing, gorgeous delving into Huck and Hucks past and of Hucks need for family. A lot of stuff gets explored there in this next episode.


Perry says, We hang out at each others houses a bit and well watch an episode together. Sometimes a couple of days before and we kind of figure out some of our tweeting, and mostly just because we love to hang out. I tell people this cast is like an 11-year-old girls sleepover. We gush so damn much, but I just adore this group.

Links to Glen Mazzara’s full appearance can be found on YouTube and iTunes.



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