Spaceman Will Join Top Water and Industry Leaders at Seville Summit This Month: How is Water Risk in a Closed Eco-system a Threat to the Global Economy?

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Oxford, UK (PRWEB) April 02, 2013

The Summit will focus on the lessons to be learned from other successful industries – from produced water, mining, pulp and paper, and food & beverage companies. Keynote speaker Jerry Linenger, ex-NASA astronaut, suggests that the closed eco-system of the space station is a perfect parallel with planet earth water is critical to both, and also a finite resource. Conservation and reuse will thus drive the search for new technology as climate change and disruption increase the difficulties of water and services provision. The Summit showcases the most viable water technologies – those that will shape the success of crucial new strategies for sustainability. These will be of interest to engineers and water companies, clients and investors.

Other speakers, over 100 throughout the 2-day conference, will talk in four strands:

1. Desalination, featuring the Water Technology Idol. Contenders are:

Carrier Gas Extraction (CGE) MITs Prakash Narayan will present this novel humidification-dehumidification desalination technology.

Polymeric-ceramic Membrane Water Planet Engineerings Lee Portillo will present a new membrane material that combines the robust performance and cleanability of ceramics with ease of manufacture and economics of polymerics.

Low-temperature Distiller Watersolutions Mark Lehmann will introduce the companys new thermal desalination system.

Membrane Integrity Sensor (MIS) MINT Limiteds Adrian Yeo will introduce an instrument that monitors MF/UF permeate to detect minute changes in water quality that provide an immediate indication of a loss of membrane integrity

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2. Leadership, featuring a workshop for a rare gathering of leaders from over 40 countries, including:

Archard Mutalemwa, CEO, DAWASA, Tanzania

Rachmat Karnadi, Chairman BPPSPAM, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia

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