The Voice’s Katrina Parker Talks About How She Thinks Her Former Coach, Adam Levine, Will Fair this Season in an Interview on AfterBuzz TV

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(PRWEB) April 10, 2013

The Voice’s season 2 contestant, Katrina Parker made an appearance on AfterBuzz TV’s The Voice aftershow Monday night. In her appearance, Parker talks about her former coach, Adam Levine, Shakira as a new judge and how Kickstarter helped her fund her new album.

On Shakira as a judge:

Parker says, “[Shakira] is so well spoken and clearly very smart and savvy – I don’t know how that’s gonna translate into coaching till I see it – but so far she’s won me over.”

On Adam Levine as a coach:

Parker says, “[Adam Levine] opened his heart to what I was doing, and that meant everything.”

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Katrina on Her New Kickstarter Funded Album:

Parker says, “I actually am about to do an album, I’m working on something now that’s fan funded. I did it through Kickstarter, we exceeded our goal and so something should be out probably in August.

Katrina on Reality Television Fans:

Parker says, With reality shows it’s really hard to tell if you have fans that are in it for the long run, or if you just have people that kind of love the show and then when the show’s over and you’re not on their TV anymore they kind of just drift away. I think I did have some of that, but I also had some really strong fans.”

On Her Biggest Influence for Her Upcoming Album:

Parker says, “I mean musically, I think it’s always going to be Billie Holiday, you probably won’t hear it when you listen to the record cause it’s a lot sassier than a lot of her music. As a singer she just influences me so much and she still does and a lot of it is a little more raw than you would expect, less smooth maybe than some of the stuff I’ve done on the show.’

On her celeb buzz blogging endeavors:

Parker says, I love to talk, I love to tweet, I love to Facebook but I didn’t know if I’d be good at anything more than 140 characters so [the blog] is new to me but so far so good.

Links to Katrina Parker’s full appearance can be found on YouTube and iTunes:



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