Ultimate Musician, Tim Halperin, Fills the Pages of BEAT100 with his Genuine and Soothing Songs

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(PRWEB) March 21, 2013

Though a relatively new talent in the music industry, Tim Halperin has already achieved considerable success in his short career as a singer and songwriter. After achieving status as one of the top 12 male vocalists on season 10 of American Idol, Tim released his first full-length album, Rise and Fall, which quickly rose to #1 on the singer-songwriter iTunes chart. With an upcoming concert at the famous South by Southwest Festival, and following a sold-out performance alongside Kelly Clarkson last week, Tim shows no sign of slowing as he achieves the status of BEAT100 Ultimate Musician. Tim also received well deserved Gold Song, Gold Video, and Gold Favorite Awards for his original song and music video, The Last Song, which reached #14 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and has quickly become a favorite of BEAT100 users.

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Ive loved music as long as I can remember, says Tim. When I was a kid, I grew up on a rich diet of oldies music filled with Motown, The Beatles, and timeless singer-songwriters like Elton John, Neil Diamond, and Billy Joel. After his first piano lessons at the age of six, Tim began performing music at church and school, writing his own music as a high school sophomore for his rock band, The Few and Far Between. During his years in business school at Texas Christian University, Tim continued to pursue his music, taking vocal lessons and singing along with the radio while practicing cover songs and experimenting with his own songwriting. Just six months after his graduation, he auditioned for American Idol and quickly found himself a top contender on the show, acquiring a large following and the momentum to begin pursuing a full-time career in music.

In regard to American Idol, Tim says I loved my time on the show and learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses as an artist. I am thankful for the momentum that Idol brought to my career, and ultimately, it has allowed me to do what I love for a living. Subsequent to his departure from Idol, Tim continued to perform on the Kidd Kraddick radio show, while expanding his fan base and preparing for the release of his first full-length album.

In 2011, following his debut album release, Rise and Fall, consisting of 13 songs including his hit single The Last Song, Tim began to see his name in the charts. To have real numbers and chart success helped legitimize my career, says Tim. As his music circled the globe, Tim impressed listeners with his heartfelt and soothing vocals, well-written and emotional piano performances, and genuine personality. All of my songs are about real life experiences or feelings. Ive found that people connect to songs more if they are sincere and more true to what I am and what I am feeling, says Tim. The Last Song was no different, as Tim used the track as a medium to express his feelings about a difficult breakup. I dated a girl for two years and was really in love, explained Tim. It was tough because we were just going different directions and had to part ways. I had written many songs for her over the course of our relationship, so The Last Song was indeed the last song that I wrote for her.

Previous to his recent performance alongside Kelly Clarkson, Tim also performed with The Fray, Lee Ann Womack, and Jason Derulo. The Fray was amazing. Lee Ann and Kelly Clarkson were amazing concert experiences too, says Tim. To be able to stand on that stage and perform alongside Kelly was a dream come true. As his music receives an extremely positive response from listeners, Tim says, [Music] is my life. It’s my passion, and my goal with music is to connect to the listener emotionally. My favorite moments are when I hear from people who have been touched or affected by my music. From a young musician in-training and business school graduate to American Idol superstar and internationally recognized singer-songwriter, Tims hard work and dedication to his trade is a model for aspiring professional musicians.

As he continues to tour around the U.S. and work on his second full-length album, follow Tim on BEAT100, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on upcoming performances and his fall 2013 album release. I love the diversity of the users on [BEAT100], says Tim, It is a great tool for musicians to connect with many other musicians. The power of the Internet has connected us globally and allowed for music to be more universal than before. BEAT100 is making that happen. Sign up to BEAT100 and connect with Tim Halperin today!


By Dylan JK Vogt

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