What do you need to know about WordPress hosting?

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What do you need to know about WordPress hosting?
Most of the webmasters that have a wordpress website, are looking for a cheap WordPress hosting. Price is not everything, though. There are plenty other aspects that matters if you want to have a great website.

So, what do you need to know about wordpress hosting?

Most of the beginners think that they should buy the hosting from the company that sold them the domain name. Fortunately this is not neccesary. You should find a hosting that fits your needs and doesn’t need a big budget. If you are a beginner, a 1 or 2 dollars hosting / month is enough. It’s important though to find a company that offers you the posibility of upgrating.

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Another important thing is finding a trustworthy hosting company. There are many companies trying to get your attention, but not every hosting company is good. You should find a company that offers you some of these advantages:

•    A good support. It’s the most important thing. If your site is not working because of hosting, you should at least know what is happening.
•    A good server. There are many things to say about the server, and it’s important to learn about them. You should get a fast one and if it’s possible a dedicated one/
•    A good cost. Off course, cost matters. You can find hosting from aș little aș few cents a month or hosting that need a real investment. Not allways an expensive way is a good way for you, so try to balancing all the things that matter.

What are the options that you have buying a hosting?

There are 4 major categories of hosting. You can choose from managed hosting, shared hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting.

Obviously, the best is dedicated hosting, but it’s also the most expensive. You should avoid shared hosting, because it’s an option that bring many risks with a small price. A VPS seems to be the best way to get a great deal and eficiency.

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