What is gingivitis?

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What is gingivitis?
A recent study has shown that in the last years the population of the world decided to take a closer look over dental care. By that, we understand that people show a visible interest to all that is related to oral care.

Starting from tooth brushing, selecting the type of toothpaste and all the way to appointments to dental offices in order to prevent any condition, people are trying to do their best to keep their teeth healthy.

Despite the visible interest for this area, there are still a lot of people who are daily facing oral problems, and today we will talk about one of the most common oral condition : gingivitis .

If you think you have it, or if you want to prevent it, you can either click here to see images, or you can go to the website to learn more about it. What is gingivitis? How can we prevent it? These are questions on the lips of many young or adult persons, girl or boy, man or women.

Gingivitis is an infection of the gums that can be easily noticed by any patient. A professional dentist can say after a few seconds if the gums are severely affected, or if the infection is only in an early stage. The signs of gingivitis include a red colour in the gums, usually accompanied by the sensation of pain or by gum bleeding.

The condition appears because bacteria accumulate on the surface of teeth and gums leading to inflammation and infection in the gum tissue. This mainly happens in case of an improper oral hygiene.

However, we can say that many producers have shown a lot of care to their customers, designing a large variety of toothbrushes, for different conditions and individuals. So, if you have sensitive teeth or gums, you should choose a smooth brush, from the soft or extra soft category. If you have no problems with your teeth and  gums, a medium bristled toothbrush may be a better choice.

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The same happens when you buy toothpaste. Judging by the sensitivity of your teeth you may choose the right one from the variety of products available on the market. However, it is wise to ask your dentist before making the choice.

There are parts in the human body that are exposed to bacteria all the time. Our mouth is an “open” environment, which can favour the appearance and accumulation of bacteria. Because of the specific conditions inside the mouth cavity, bacteria can grow really fast, and affect the gums. That is why, regular tooth brushing is vital to prevent gingivitis.

You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, use dental floss, and mouthwash. We thing you already know that you have to visit a dentist from time to time, even if you don’t have visible problems. These routine checks are very important to prevent or to early diagnose any problems that may appear.

In fact, if you follow these steps, you should not have any problems at all, so why don’t you choose to be free of any dental issues and for more informations go to website  www.infodentis.com .

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