Why choose wordpress for your site?

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Why choose wordpress for your site?
If you plan to start an online business, you should first worry about a website. An online business is almost impossible without a website and, lately, offline businesses are useless without it, to. So, the first step to get a succesful business is geting a great website.

No, it’s not so important the aspect of the website or the colors. You can find an one page wordpress theme that could work very well. What is really important is the functionality of your site and, obviously, the message sent through it.

How can you get a great website?

There are many companies that create websites with one page wordpress themes. Almost every time, a big company, or even a small one, would charge you a lot. If you have a big budget and you want a custom design, made just for you, this is the best option.

If your budget is not so big and you want a functional website, that does its job, then you have some options. The best ones are, by far, wordpress and Joomla. For now, we will talk about WordPress, because it’s the biggest ope source platform from the web.

Why worpdress?

The first reason is right the one we remembered in previously paragraph: It’s open source. That means it’s free to download, it’s fre to use and it can be upgrated by anyone who think he can bring something new and something good for the platform. If you want premium functionality, you can pay for lots of plugins and widgets, that can turn your website into a professional thing.

Another big reason is the fact that is very easy to install. Even you choose a company to do the job, you will pay much less than paying for a programmer.

Not least, S.E.O is a great reason why you should choose wordpress for your web page. WordPress is SEO friendly and it can easily get high up in the search engine results. There are a few plugins that can transform your site into a money machine, if you have the great idea and the ambition.

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So, if your online business is in the pole – position, the best option for you it’s wordpress.

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