Alien bases in the Earth’s volcanoes

Alien bases in the Earth's volcanoes
An old legend says that El Popo, sometimes called Don Goyo, was a soldier in the army of the aztec king,  Cuauhtemoc, also called Guatimozin or Guatemoc, a grandson of Moctezuma II.

Cuauhtemoc, whose name meant “The one who descended like an eagle”, lived between 1495 and 1525 and reigned only one year, 1520-1521, being  killed by some “civilizing” spanish  arrived for stealing on those lands.

Our hero, El Popo, called in Nahuatl language Popokatepetl,  he was left too to fight with the ones that came with the sword to “Christianize” the people in exchange for aztec gold and diamonds,  and soon came the sad news that he died in war. Princess Iztaccihuatl, his girlfriend could not stand the pain and committed suicide.

After a while though, Popokaptepetl, which means ” The smoldering mountain”,  returned, took the girl’s body, went with it  to a mountain top, lit a lamp and sat next to her to watch over her. Perhaps the brave is still there, because often, the Popokatepetl mexican volcano, just 65 kilometers from Mexico City comes alive scaring the local residents. On 15 May 2013, it  started throwing pieces of lava and ash over 2.5 km height, endangering the lives of over 11,000 people living around it.

Santiago Chile. From legend to reality

5 November 2010. The chilean Air Force Command Base shifted from “El Bosque” Air Base to  Santiago. On this occasion was organized a large-scale aerial demonstration which brought together hundreds of people. The entire activity was recorded by those present, and also the video surveillance cameras of Pillan aircraft factory, located near the base.

Looking at the pictures, an aerospace engineer noted on them an unknown object which  conducted a series of strange maneuvers while planes were flying over the base. Here are some official statement: “The images show an object with a flat bottom, topped with a dome, with no visible means of propulsion. The rounded part reflects the sun  and looks metallic, the bottom part  is darker, plate and issues a form of energy that is visible in the photo analysis. The infrared studies show that the entire object radiates heat, like airplanes “.

Looking at those pictures, Luis Barrera, an astronomer at the Metropolitan University of Sciences in Chile, one of the most skeptical people regarding UFOs, the discoverer of an asteroid named after him, was forced to admit that the object was not a meteorite, was not a comet, no bird or plane.

“The object made a risky maneuver of flying in Halcones front, flying at low altitude and high speed. (…) The alien ship carried clever and controlled maneuver. The object moved to the East with 25 degrees inclination, which is an angle used by space ships when re-enters the atmosphere”, said the specialist. For those who don’t know, “Halcones” is a squadron composed of nine high-class military pilots, flying on airplanes “Extra 300” and form “Escuadrilla de Alta Acrobacia Hallcones”, “High Aerobatics Team Hallcones” of Chile.

Alberto Vergara, expert in digital imaging, also said that “when we examined each frame, I realized that the object had a speed far superior to anything that flies, made by man so far”. That is true, according to general Ricardo Bermudez, the unknown ship traveled at speeds between 4,000 and 6,000 miles per hour, without making any noise (!).

The modern combat planes, built by man so far, reach just over 2,000 miles per hour and can not make sudden turns of 180 degrees. Only now (2013-nn), Boeing has experienced an unmanned plane, X-51 Wave Rider, who performed a hypersonic flight, reaching a speed of 5.1 times higher than that of the sound, ie 6247 km / h . But this happened just over a length of 427 kilometers.

Visitors to the US

And if in Chile the UFO moved with dizzying speed, in Pike County, Virginia, USA, another non-terrestrial unit stationed in the air about two hours, being seen by the townspeople, but also of those in Kentucky and Tennessee. About this strange flight,  happened on 16 October 2012, the astronomer Allen Epling said:

“It was clear sky, without clouds, no planes, at a undetermined height,  but surely above the flying route  that passenger planes normally fly. It was like nothing known, definitely was not a plane, and I have never seen a helicopter looking like that. (…). It was like two fluorescent tubes placed side by side, so bright that they seemed to merge together. It was clearly visible to the naked eye. (…) I do not understand how  could stand there still. There was no propeller or other propulsion system, was no smoke, bo noise”.

And back to… legend

On 26 October 2012, the video cameras which supervises the Popokatepetl volcano activity, recorded  a huge object, about one kilometer long and 200 meters wide, which came and went flying directly without problems, in the volcano cone .

It seemed bright, flying smooth, sitting on a tilted vertically and easily penetrated by waves of smoke and lava inside the mountain. It is not an accident, but a deliberate maneuver as those made by any aircraft coming in to land.

Looking at the images recorded, you can not help wondering: have the extraterrestrials bases on our planet  in places where we can’t even think of, or in which we, “the only inhabitants” of the Earth do not have access because of backwardness in which we find ourselves?

Who are they and what want those who can enter into the bowels of a volcano boiling as we walked through the door of a house? We chose only three  cases of many others, where these unknown machines, piloted by we don’t know who, conducted aerial maneuvers extremely difficult or even impossible by man.

We come back with examples from which we see that often these bizarre visitors  made operations through demonstrated, deliberately, that their technique and intelligence are far beyond our assumptions, and that if they want, they can destroy the most modern weapons mankind currently holds .

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