Movies released in september – what do we see in cinemas

Movies released in september - what do we see in cinemasFirst month of autumn brings with it new productions, that the amateur viewers can’t wait to see in cinemas. What are the movies in the first month of autumn 2014? Well, in september you can see animations, drama, horror movies, thrillers and comedies in every cinema you decide to enter. We will talk about the most interesting new releases, that we are all eager to see.

First week’s premieres – 5th of september

In the first weekend of september we will get in cinemas the sci-fi drama The Giver. Directed by Phillip Noyce, it has Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, Odeya Rush Jeff Bridges and Brendon Thwaites in leading roles.

The movie tells an adventure story located in a distopic world and has the theme of future, in which people have no identity because they have no memory, therefore having no emotions or feelings and becoming robots that do only their jobs. Everything changes when a boy gets the title of Memory Receptor, and he discoveres that the things aren’t as well planned as he thought, leaving the fate of the world in his hands.

On 5th of september we also get in cinemas the drama movie Kira Kiralina, a romanian production directed by Dan Pita. The movie presents the story of two beautiful balcanic girls which are mother and daughter, and their story is seen through the eyes of their brother/son, Dragomir. Everything takes place in the beggining of the 20-th century in Braila, where the two women accept their sad  destiny seeking and offering pleasure, trying to live by offering their bodies to men that seek such a pleasure.

On 5th of september we get in cinemas the movie A most wanted Man, directed by Anton Crobijn, with Rachel McAdams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Wright and William Dafoe. The movie shows the last project of the regreted Philip Seymour Hoffman and it is inspired by a novel of John Le Carre.

The movie’s action takes place in Germany, in the hamburg of 2012. The protagonist is a young muslim, half russian and half chechen, who arrives almost dead in Hamburg and it’s looking for help to recover the fortune from his dead father. But the informations connected to him are misterious, and in this game enter a banker, a young woman lawyer ready to defend people without protection and an espionage specialist who tries to find the truth before it’s too late.

The last premier on the 5th of september is The young and prodigious TS Spivet. Family, adventure, drama movie, directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet and with actors such as Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis and Robert Maillet. The protagonist of the movie is a young cartographer, age 10, who secretely runs away from his parents farm in Montana to ride in the entire USA with a goods train. The boy has a specific target, the Smithsonian Institute, where he needs to claim a prize. Will the boy succeed?

Second week’s premieres – 12th of september

In the second week of september, The F Word arrives, a romantic comedy directed by Michael Dowse, in which Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Rafe Spall are playing. The production has Wallace as a protagonist, a boy who dropped med school and has a big problem with the fact that he is a romantic. He lived in sufference almost all his life: first, his parents got divorce, then his ex-girlfriend cheated on him and traumatized him.

Now he promised he won’t let anyone trample him and no woman will cheat on him again, but his situatiion gets complicated when he meets Chandry. Unfortunately for him, she is already in relationship and even though between them there is an undescribable attraction, they decide to remain just friends, but this decison is harder to follow then these two think.

As above so Below also arrives on 12th of september, a production directed by John ErickDowdle, starring Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge and Perdita Weeks is leeding roles. The movie takes place in Paris, where in the city dungeons hide thousands of misterious and weird skeletons. When Scarlett takes with her a group of researchers and starts revealing the dungeons, she is drawn to a dark game, and the terror and madness takes form in the shape of some personal and haunting demons.

On 12th of septemberthe cinema brings the action movie Kite directed by Ralph Ziman, with Samuel l. Jackson, Callan McAuliffe and India Eisley in leading roles. The movie is an reinterpretation of a famous, violent, japanese anime. Sawa, an orphan teenager, has become an unexpected legendary assassin who uses bullets that explode inside her victim’s bodies. The girl was trained by her father’s best friend and partner, and now she searches for the guy who murdered his father to get revenge. Behind her it will remain o long row of bodies and a long battle with her own demons.

Into the Storm arrives also on 12th of September, directed by Steven Quale, with Richard Armitage, Jeremy Sumpter and Sarah Wayne Callies. The production tells the story of a long row of storms accompanied by tornados, which hit Silverston in Oklahoma state, where everything gets destryed. Tornado chasers, kids blocked in schools and a father who is looking through the survivors, trying to escape from this terror of nature.

Third week’s premieres – 19th of September

In the third week of september we meet The Maze Runner, a Sci-Fi thriller directed by Wes Ball, and with Dylan O’Bryen and Kaya Scodelario in leading roles. The story follows Thomas, a teen from future who finds himself in The Meadow with other teenagers and he finds that the stone walls surrounding them are a mistery from which everybody will try to escape, before facing the dangers in the dark maze.

On 19th of September the Magic in the Moonlight arrives in cinemas, directed by Woody Allen, with Emma Stone, Jacki Weaver, Marcia Gay Harden and Colin Firth in leading roles. Stanley Crawford fools everybody with his chinese character Wei Ling Soo, a magician who became world known. The arogant magician has something against the spiritists and accepts a mission on the Cote dÁzur to unveil the truth about the mistique Sophia. Stanley might change his decision after he meets the girl.

A walk among the tombstones arrives also on 19th of September, directed by Scott Frank with Liam Neeson in leading role. Neeson returns in an action role and thriller in which he plays Matthew Scudder’s role, an ex copfrom New York who is now hired by a drug dealer who wants to find out what happened with his missing wife.

On 19th of September the movie America, here we come ! arrives in cinemas. A romanian production directed by Razvan Stanescu, starring Mihai Calin, Gheorghe Ifrim, Adrian Vancica and Mira Furlan in leading roles. Five actors, one director, a boy and his bear arrive at New York for a show, but there they decide to start a bussiness with a romanian manager, settled in the United States who promises them an unforgivable tournament.

If I stay is another movie released on the 19th September, directed by RJ Cutler, with Chloe Gracie Moretz, Mireille Enos and Liana Liberato in it’s distribution. Mia is a teen cellist that has everything she wants in life, but needs to go to New York to study at Juillard Academy or she will remain in her home state, Oregon, with her family. Everything changes when her entire family dies in an accident, and Mia wakes up in a hospital, being able to see those around her, and even herself. Now Mia has to decide wether she will come back alive or she will join her family.

Forth week’s premieres – 26th of september

The most important premiere of September’s final week is The Equalizer, a production directed by Antoine Fuqoa, starring Denzel Washington and Chloe Grace Moretz in leading roles. The thriller’s protagonist is Robert McCall, a specialist in undercover operations, who stages his own death to get rid of the agent life. Robert tries to buy his past and sins after he finds a life to save –  Teri, a hooker. So he gets back to the old habits, starting a battle with the russian mafia.

Serena arrives in cinemas in 26th of September, a drama movie directed by Susane Bier with Jennifer Lawrenceand Bradley Cooper in leading roles. The protagonists are George and Serena Pemberton, who travel in the 20th century Boston in the year 1929. Serena is more like a man, than a woman, because she runs the family bussiness without her husband’s help, becoming queen of her own domain.

As she finds out she can’t have children, she decides to kill Rachel (Ana Ularu), George’s lover and the mother of George’s children, before he leaves her. When Serena suspects that her husband is allied with the illegitimate family, the whole kingdom starts to colapse.

The last premiere of September is the french movie Dans le Cour, directed by Pierre Salvatori, with Gustave de Kervern and Pio Marmai in leading roles. The comedy takes place in the court of a house in Paris, where all the tenants are seen through the eyes of the keeper, Antoine. Bike thieves, dealers, and cleaning maniacs, they all live here.

The most misterious resident is Mathilde, an old lady who tries to find her peace with her husband.  Even Antoine has a story, because he backed out of his music career When a weak point appears in the building, everything crumbles, because the caracters become victims of their own weak points.

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