Top Five Causes Of Hair Loss

Top Five Causes Of Hair LossAre you wondering why you are losing your hair and what you can do about it? You should go over the following article to learn more about common causes of hair loss.

Age is a very common cause of hair loss. There is not much you can do against natural aging but keep in mind that some substances such as alcohol, nicotine or caffeine will cause your body to age faster.

If you are smoker or used to drinking coffee or alcohol regularly, you need to get rid of these bad habits. These substances can become addictive, which makes quitting stressful. You should be able to get rid of these bad habits if you focus on eliminating toxins from your body by sweating as much as possible.

Stress is a very common cause of hair loss. If you often feel nervous, anxious and stressed, you need to make changes to your lifestyle. Take the time to relax and do things you really enjoy at the end of your workday.

If possible, avoid stressful situations and organize your time and activities more efficiently so you do not find yourself rushed. Look into stress management techniques too; practicing some relaxation exercises should help you lower your stress level.

Not getting enough sleep could be the reason behind your hair loss problem. Keep in mind that you need at least eight hours of sleep a night. If you cannot stay asleep throughout the night, take some naps during the day. Make some changes to your schedule so you can go to bed early and try keeping the same schedule.

You will find that going to sleep is much easier once you get used to going to bed at the same time every night. Talk to your doctor if you have a hard time adopting regular sleep patterns.

Touching your hair constantly could disrupt the natural balance of the oils produced by your scalp. Using gels, mousses and wearing a hat all the time could have the same effect.

If you are losing your hair, you need to reduce the friction your scalp sustains. Style your hair once a day and do not touch again. You should use a blow dryer instead of towel to dry your hair and apply friction to your scalp only to massage it once a day so you can improve your circulation.

A bad hair care regimen could cause hair loss. You should invest in quality hair care products including a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask or cream. There are several products and brands you can use but you might have to test different products before you find one that works for you.
Shampoo and condition your hair once a day and use a topical cream or mask once a week. Using products designed to slow down your hair loss will make a difference but do not spend your money on products that claim your hair will grow back.

Identify what is causing your hair loss and take action to slow down your hair loss. Apply the tips from this article and you should soon see a difference.

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