Wellness weekend in Sovata

Now you can choose from almost 150 hotels, guest houses, pensions, chalets, motels or hostels online in Sovata! The biggest booking sites list lots of accommodation possibilities in Sovata, and if you want a quiet yet vibrant holiday destination with a varied offer, Sovata is the ideal place! 

The internationally renowned resort town has become an international tourist destination thanks to its saltwater and freshwater lakes and the picturesque location of the town. Both in the summer season and in the winter, it is possible to spend a wellness weekend at this resort with high-quality services: it is worth booking your accommodation as soon as possible to get a place at the right time!

The baths in Sovata are visited by crowds every year to treat gynecological and infertility problems or rheumatic diseases. In the last decades, wellness tourism in the spa town is in full swing, many new hotels and guest houses have been built, and the number of services has increased.

Wellness weekend in Sovata

You have everything here from balneo- and hydrotherapy to mechano- and kinetotherapy, you can choose offers for dermatological treatments, treatment of psoriasis, and of course from a wide range of the very popular steam baths, saunas and solariums. And if you want to hike, there are many designated hiking trails in the nearby forests; you can not only walk, but rent a bicycle and visit for example the Salt Road educational trail.

If you haven’t been to Sovata yet, it’s worth taking a virtual look around first to make sure the pictures on the tourist offers don’t cheat or lie: the place is truly so magical. Go on a virtual tour on Visitmures and mark your destinations well in advance!

The most famous attraction of the resort town of Mureş County is the Bear Lake in Sovata, the largest heliothermal lake in the world. It is also called the Dead Sea of ​​Transylvania, as its salinity on the surface is 100 g / l, deeper 220-300 g / l. Due to the heliothermal phenomenon, its water heats up to 35 ° C to a depth of 2 meters. The highest temperature is measured at the beginning of the season, in July, which drops significantly by the end of August. The special composition of the salt water of Bear Lake and the mud on the lake shore are suitable for curing many diseases.

Sovata is part of the small region named „Salt Region” (Sóvidék) of Szeklerland. The town opened its first public baths as early as the late 1800s, and within a few years Sovata became so fashionable that many who could afford built villas near the lakes. Bear Lake is not the only lake with healing water in the area, there are other smaller lakes. There are six more heliothermal salt lakes and two freshwater lakes.

Although the lakes are not suitable for bathing in winter, indoor bathing is still possible in the many hotels and spas. At the same time, the ski slopes in Sovata offer real winter recreation. There is also a rental shop on the roof, so if someone doesn’t have their own equipment, there is the option to rent it.

The Visitmures team will show you the most exciting sights in Sovata! Visit our website and read more about the Salt Road, or about the various tourist paths and promenades in Sovata, or about the world-famous Bear Lake itself.

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