Interesting things to do in London

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Interesting things to do in London
London is a city full of resources that has a lot to offer for tourists. If you have managed to spend a holiday in London, don’t be surprised when you’ll want to come back and the chances are that you will want to return very soon.

In London, it is easy to arrive to your desired destination, because there are 365 airport transfers. Therefore, you can get in no time to your hotel or to one of the most beautiful places you could ever see. It is easy to fall in love with

London once you sale along the Thames.

It is great to sale under the London Bridge and admires the Tower of London. In addition, you can look at Shakespeare’s Globe while you are still enjoying your sailing experience. The Thames is famous and it will introduce you to a proper London atmosphere.

Do you love history and historical places? Even if you aren’t, you will enjoy every minute spent in Westminster Abbey. It is the resting place for famous people, like William Shakespeare and 17 monarchs. If you are fascinated about the Tudor history, you will enjoy visiting Westminster Abbey.

While you are in London, make sure you will visit the London Tower, because it is impossible to miss. This it is a castle situated on the River Thames, near the Tower Bridge. It is known as the prison for royalty for hundreds of years and it is the places where was beheaded Anne Boleyn. Therefore, it has a great history, of hundreds of years.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy a cup of tea, because it is impossible to visit London without an afternoon tea. It is perfect for you to try out English culinary specialties and get more familiar with the London atmosphere.

For a relaxing and interesting time, go to a musical, because London is famous for its fabulous shows. Feel the Broadway emotions and go to TKTS, situated at Leicester Square, to buy half-priced tickets and see the West End plays. Most of the times, it is very cheap to have a lot of fun and live unique experience.

London is perfect for those who love rain and is a beautiful city in every season. If you decide to visit London in winter, you can take with you some rain boots and an umbrella, as well as warm clothes. London is perfect for couples, singles, friends, and families.

Children can discover nice thing to do indoor or outdoor and adults can go to museums, theatre, musicals, cinema, and restaurants or just walk on one of the many unique London’s streets. If you want a transfer to or at the airport, you can also find 365 airport transfers that will give you the best services. For more information, visit the website

The truth is that in London it is very easy to have a nice holiday and to enjoy every minute. So, you can definitely add London to your must visit list.

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